What's in a name?

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In May of 1991 team captain Scott rode in the MS150 Palm Springs Getaway.  It was a 2 day ride to raise money for the National MS Society.  Scott rode this event because it sounded like it would be a good time.  Little did he know how that one event would change his life. 

1991 MS150

In 1992 he rode the "MS Bike Along the Beach".  It was 1 day event starting at the pier in Santa Monica, California.  The course followed the beach south until getting to Palos Verdes where the road turned up and the climbing started.

1993 saw him return to the MS150 Palm Springs Getaway.  The course was just as challenging, but a couple of years of serious riding really helped. 

1993 MS150

After the 1993 event Scott continued riding, but did not participate in any fundraising events for the NMSS (or any charity for that matter).  One day in 1998 while looking through event flyers at a bike shop in Kennewick, Washington, Scott stumbled across a flyer for the 1999 Mountain Bike Madness ride put on by the Washington chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.  By this time Scott had a couple of professional acquaintances that had been diagnosed with MS, but that was never a driving force to get him to participate.  A love of mountain biking and the chance to ride some great trails around the Cascades were the big draws.

The next couple years Scott would ride the mountain bike event, then things changed.  Scott's cousin was diagnosed with MS as she was beginning college.  Now the ride was no longer just about having fun, it was getting personal.  In 2003 the effects of MS got even closer, Scott's mother was diagnosed.  By the time of her diagnosis he had already registered for the 2004 event, and this is one he had to do, only there was a slight problem.  Scott's wife was pregnant and the due date was around the time of the event.  Unfortunately Scott was unable to attend the event that year, but he still collected donations and was there riding in spirit.

2005 saw the birth of Ironic Stompin'.  Scott's family signed up to do the walk MS event in Kennewick, WA that year.  They registered as a team and needed a name.  Stompin' was a natural fit, they wanted to stomp out MS.  It also played into walking (you can stomp your feet) and  cycling (stomp the pedals).  But Stompin' wasn't enough, the name needed something else.  Scott came up with Ironic, because it is ironic that over the past 14 years he took part in 9 fundraisers for MS.  Most of the money he had raised over those years was with the help of his mother.

From that spring day in 2005 through today, Ironic Stompin' has had, and will continue to have, a presence in MS fundraising events.

Also, an event occurred in 2010 that guaranteed the name will never change...

Ironic Stompin Tattoo

The above picture is a photo of the tattoo that Scott had done on his calf.  Most people would say that it was at this time his dedication to the cause changed to obsession.

For more information about our team contact Ironic Stompin'.